Custom Web Application Development

Custom web systems to create efficiencies and automation within your business!

The improvement of cloud based platforms can provide your business with the chance of identifying key areas that can be streamlined, become more efficient or automated. This can be an important integral aspect for your business as it can save time, resources and money and provide the edge for your business to scale faster or do more with less time.

We specialise in creating custom web applications for your business needs! We fully understand that each business is unique in the sense that they have different procedures, software and systems in place which is why we can provide specially designed applications in order to meet the requirements of different organisations.

Custom development on WordPress

Even though we are not limited to any system, we create many custom development/plugins within WordPress. Given that WordPress powers just under 25% of the entire world’s websites, WordPress offers a flexible platform that allows us to do anything.

We create Custom Content Management Systems

If you prefer to have your own Content Management System (CMS), we can create one from the ground up which meets your expectations and desired outcomes.

Custom CMS can be from building an e-commerce platform from the ground up, building a CMS for mobile apps or custom building plugins to work with an existing CMS.

Examples of Custom Web Development projects we have assisted with our clients

Childcare business

We have built an entire CMS from the ground up which required design and functions to connect with a mobile app. Our clients required to enter their content into a CMS which would then update on both the iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Not only is it a custom CMS, but we engineered systems that provided efficiencies within their business to assist their staff.

Printing business

We built an e-commerce website for our client that uses both WordPress and WooCommerce. The client owns a custom rubber stamp computer.

We created a custom plugin that connected to both platforms that allowed his customers to enter specific information on a rubber stamp simulator and all the contents appeared in real time. Then, another application would crop all excess white space to reduce the cost of printing a rubber stamp.

Essentially our custom development did 99% of the job and all the client had to do was print the image that was transmitted to their e-commerce system.

It resulted in improving experiences for the customer, improved efficiencies within the business and scaled their resources to increase output while using the same staff.

Locksmith business

The client sells products both to retail and wholesale. Different customers regardless of being a wholesale customer, was grouped into a membership structure which entitled them to a different pricing structure.

We developed a custom solution that auto-generated the price of a product depending on what type of membership that customer had with the locksmith business.

It resulted in an increase in online sale which streamlined their ordering system instead of taking orders via email, phone and fax.

E-commerce website and Xero or MYOB

We have a few customers that we have integrated their accounting software to their e-commerce website.

Our e-commerce platform is brilliant to track orders from start to finish. A typical e-commerce platform would generate an invoice and complete payment. However, for our clients, despite the e-commerce platform or Paypal generating an invoice, they had to enter everything again in either Xero or MYOB.

Using Xero or MYOB’s API functions, we were able to connect and integrate their accounting software with the e-commerce platform. Either MYOB or Xero would generate the invoice, record it in the data and then issue the invoice to the end user after an online purchase was made.

This resulted in an increase in efficiencies within the business which ultimately reduced their bookkeeping fees and will surely pay off for the client.

Your web development partner will play a crucial role in the success of your project. If you are looking for a suitable one, then A to Z Marketing is the right company for you.

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