Mobile App Development

We can develop your mobile app idea for both tablet and mobile for both Apple and Android!

Have you ever thought of launching a mobile app that will boost your business or ease a certain digital process? Now is the perfect time to take the ride in this wave of technology opportunity.

In order for your business to stand out in your industry, mobile application development is a way of engaging with your current and potential customers and clients. This is the best time to take advantage of the current emerging trends.

If you have the idea, we have the resources to build it!

Building custom mobile apps for businesses

The Growth of Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are considered as the future of online marketing and other digital processes; it presents a new frontier when talking about digital processing. There are over a billion smartphones around the world and development of mobile apps is rapidly increasing to match the demand of these handheld devices such as tablets and mobile phones.

Since the Apple iPhone was introduced to the market in 2009, Apple has recorded over 100 billion app downloads from 1.4 million available apps since June 2015.

Google has also witnessed massive growth from their app store and it is predicted that it will surpass Apple.

With the facts taken into consideration, A to Z Marketing aims to develop an app that customers can download and easily access from their mobile devices.

What makes a mobile app different to a mobile site

With the continuing rise of smartphones in the market today, the use of alternative mobile sites has reached new heights as well. However, there are websites that have special features that are more useful as or can only function as mobile applications.

One attractive feature that a mobile app will do that a mobile site cannot do is send specialized notifications to the end user. This is perfect to engage with customers and clients and the benefits are not limited to:

  • Sending special promotions;
  • Sending reminders and updates;
  • Requesting service feedback; and etc

The possibilities are endless!

Content Management Systems for Apps

Given that we also specialize in custom web development, we can develop a custom content management experience which gives administrative access to certain content within the app. Depending on the project, this can mean changing content rather than functionality.

We can also connect existing systems within your app provided that the original system allows it.

Ease of Access

We aim to promote an overall ease of access by having a well-organized content management system. Through this, updating, editing and changing app contents are faster and easier than ever before. All the necessary tasks within the app are just one click away.

In developed markets like Australia, mobile internet will sooner, rather than later, overtake traffic generated from computers and laptops due to innovative technology that allows us to work whenever we want, wherever we want.

Naturally, this means that mobile apps are on the rise to make life easier for employees, customers, patients and clients.

If you want to stay competitive online with your very own customized mobile application for mobile devices, then you might want to consider working with A to Z marketing. We ensure to produce quality and easy to use mobile apps that will surely be of great help to you today and in the future. Contact us now and let us realize your mobile application dream.

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