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Let us take care of the setup, management and optimisation of your Adwords account!


We research, create and setup your entire campaign, ready for your business to advertise!


We can casually manage and provide support from time to time or provide ongoing management services


Do you have an existing Adwords account? We can identify faults and strategies to improve your account


Is your campaign not performing as expected? Let us review and audit your account for a complete restructure

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Testimonials / Client Reviews

Emmanuel has been managing our Google AdWords / Bing campaigns since September 2013 with excellent results. I have always found him very professional, innovative and easy to deal with. I would recommend any business with a Google AdWords campaign or just starting out to give Emmanuel a call


I was looking for a mobile website and A to Z Marketing was able to serve my requirements. They built me a professional mobile site and then have linked it to my Google Adwords campaign. The results have been fantastic. I would be more than happy to recommend anyone to A to Z Marketing that is looking for a responsive website, mobile website or internet marketing service.


I am delighted to recommend A to Z marketing to all businesses that require ‘professional’ advice in all areas of digital marketing. They have successfully created our mobile site, restructured and optimised our Google Adwords campaigns and as a result of the two, we experienced fantastic results that speak for themselves. Emmanuel and the team are true professionals in their trade and would not hesitate to recommend them to any serious business that thinks outside the square.

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I was thinking about putting and AdWords campaign together and then I heard about A to Z Marketing.  I met with Emmanuel and discussed our company needs he explained how he could assist and how a campaign can generate new business leads.  Our campaign has now been launched and we are very impressed about the progress we are making with our Keywords.  We would highly recommend A to Z Marketing to anyone who needs assistance setting up or improving their AdWords campaign.

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Features of Adwords

We're all about conversions

We set your campaign to achieve the best possible conversions

We're all about conversions

We set your campaign to achieve the best possible conversions

Start, Pause, Stop Anytime

With Adwords, you can stop, start and pause your campaign at anytime

Top of Google

With a quality campaign, we can set your ads to appear on the top of Google

Pay less per click

We focus on your Google Quality Score to reduce your cost per click

Video Campaigns

Extend your video advertisement on YouTube to attact a wide audience

Mobile Campaigns

We extend your Adwords campaign to target all mobile devices

No Lock In Contracts

We are confident with our work that we do not offer lock-in contracts


We understand Google Adwords and its importance as a lead generation tool. We understand that in order for Google Adwords to be successful, your costs must be minimized and your conversions maximized. This is why we focus on achieving the lowest cost per click whilst maximizing your enquiries.

Adwords vs SEO

Adwords and an SEO campaign are complimentary however if you are on a budget, we recommend that an Adwords campaign is tried first.

We constantly hear from businesses that they would rather pay an SEO consultant to increase their rankings rather than pay for an Adwords campaign.

We prefer Adwords first and then advise our clients to reinvest the profits into an SEO campaign. The reason why we recommend this strategy is as follows:

1. You can generate traffic and customers faster with Adwords as you bid on relevant keywords. With an SEO campaign, this is a medium to long term strategy. To begin with, SEO is an investment and all investments are not guaranteed. At least with Adwords, you can validate your marketing quicker and more cheaply in the short term.

2. Once you find Adwords profitable for your business, then we advise to invest what you can afford into an SEO campaign.

3. If you have a budget, then by all means, we advise to pursue both an Adwords and an SEO campaign.

Your business needs Google Adwords

Needless to say, Google Adwords has been developed for the benefit of every business. Right after creating a Google Adwords account, you can then choose an array of the best keywords. The payment is based on after every click. One other advantage of Google Adwords is that you can define your specific budget and track your best performing keywords.

Adwords Remarketing

Google Adwords continues to evolve and provides remarketing opportunities. Remarketing works by targeting your existing visitors to your website or Google's machine learning capabilities are able to identify similar people based on interests and search patterns that have not yet been exposed to your website and target them. Adwords is now able to identify common data.

Google Shopping

Do you operate an Online Store? We are well experienced to build your shopping campaign which is generally cheaper than search and as long as it is done properly, can deliver great ROI.

Online advertising in Australia

Several researches show that there is 17.1% annual growth regarding online advertising in Australia. For the year 2015, it is estimated that Australian businesses will invest a total of $5.02 billion in online advertising. In addition, it is projected that investment in online advertising will reach over $6.37 billion by the year 2018.

Mobile stat growth

Mobile advertising is going gangbusters. In terms of digital display revenue, mobile advertising grew 21.5% growth while 17.1% of growth was recorded in terms of search revenue via desktop computers.

What Adwords Brings?

There are a lot to offer when it comes to Adwords. Here are some that will help you have a clear thought on the subject matter.

  • Better conversions- we work on our best for you to achieve the highest conversions.
  • Targeted Ads-Whether you want your ads to be seen within the country or worldwide, both is possible.
  • Run campaign anytime- You can decide whether to start, stop, or pause your campaign.
  • Reach the top of Google- Quality campaigns will bring you on top of Google.
  • Reduced cost per click- Quality score is the main focus here and not the cost per click.
  • Video and mobile campaigns- Attract more customers through Youtube videos or mobile ads.
  • No Lock-in contracts- This ensures great service.

Moreover, Adwords can also help you drive more traffic to your site, increase in-store visits if you have a physical store, and generate more sales.

With A to Z Marketing, you can definitely take advantage of Google Adwords. In our testimonials, you will see how other businesses have benefited from our services. Contact us today and request for a free quote.

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