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Ecommerce sites – 1 simple way to increase sales

Are you exclusively running Paypal as your payment gateway on your website? If so, there might be an opportunity that you have failed to realise – that is, do not offer Paypal as your payment gateway exclusively.We recently started working with a new client that had an existing ecommerce website. They had exclusively had Paypal as their preferred payment system. They also had their website operating from a third party content management system.ObjectiveThe scope of our service was to do the following:Implement a brand new web designImplement an ecommerce system with setupDesign and develop a custom form to take instructions given that the ecommerce system provided a service rather than supplying productsTake into consideration Google Adwords and prepare the website for future marketing endeavoursIntegrate Stripe credit card form with a simple user experience in order to see if conversion rates increasedThe strategyWe worked with our client to design and develop a useful and easy to use website that was functional with the mind of providing a clear to call action to improve sales. The website has only been operating for at least 1 month now but records have been achieved. We had 2 years of data to compare with.The surpriseThe biggest surprise that we did not expect was the shift of users preferring to use Stripe’s payment gateway over Paypal considering Paypal was their preferred method prior to the relaunch of the website. It appears that 80% of payments were processed using Stripe on the client’s website and the balance via Paypal.Why?There are many potential reasons why such as (not limited to)credit card payment is more widespread than PaypalPaypal accounts do not have funds or not connected with credit card or bank accountcredit card transactions generate frequent flyer points if this option is availablebetter user experience. There are less buttons to click to process payment using the credit card form verses Paypal (this applies to this client site).Paypal verses Stripe. Stripe plugin on Woocommerce provides a better user experienceUser Experience is keyIn our client’s example (refer to image above), our client uses WordPress and naturally the ecommerce website is powered by Woocommerce. We had integrated the Stripe payment library to Woocommerce. We used the user experience that if a user selected Credit card, that a payment form with credit card details opened instantly without going to another page. This allows the best possible user experience. Instead, Paypal redirects you to their site for payment. Also, the message is not clear. Not many people realize that you do not need a Paypal account to process payment however Paypal do not make it easy to understand this. They prefer you to register with their platform.Do you need help?If you operate a WordPress website with Woocommerce or looking at building an ecommerce website, we can assist you with your needs. Otherwise, you should experiment with adding an additional payment choice and see what happens with your conversion rates.

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Will web design change with 11K smartphone screens being the norm?

I recently came across this article on Digital Trends which discussed how Samsung is conducting R&D to build a smartphone with 11k displays. This is well and good and a real symbol as to how manufacturers are pushing technology further. But it got me thinking – how will businesses and other web masters manage the quality of images on their websites?When you look around, consumers appear to be at the forefront when it comes to upgrading to the latest technology for personal consumption whereas businesses operate on depreciating an asset and will only upgrade equipment when it is necessary to do so from a costs perspective. Don’t get me wrong, there will be some industries that will adapt quicker to the latest technologies but most industries see this as a luxury.Most businesses were slow to adapt to a mobile site when smartphones were released from 2007. So it got me thinking, how will the web design change in the near future.On one hand, most businesses and consumers may not upgrade equipment such as their desktop computers, laptops or tablets but are more active in upgrading their phones. On the other hand, mobile devices will expedite the improvement of technology flow. What will this mean for desktop websites verses having a mobile site? In general, what will happen to internet connection speeds?The basic rule of web design is to have clean and clear images. What would happen if images appear of good quality on their desktop computer but not on their 11k smartphone screen? What if internet connections are slow?I think we are many years away from supporting 11k screen due to hardware limitation and upgrade cycles of traditional hardware devices like computer monitors, laptops and tablets but it seems that the advancement of the eco-system of hardware and software will need to change if 11k smartphone screens become the norm.Web designers, what are your thoughts about this? Will this be a revolution as was the introduction to the iPhone? About A to Z MarketingA to Z Marketing is a boutique agency and one of its services that it offers its clients is in the area of web design. Our web designers can assist you create a website suitable for your business.

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Why ongoing Adwords management is needed?

Have you found your results in Adwords has stagnated or management of your campaign needs more love and tender care?As an agency that regularly performs Adwords audits on existing accounts, we regularly find that potential clients do not understand:what devices are used for a user to visit their website;what keywords are they truly targeting when a campaign is set to broad match keywords;how to structure their campaign;how to split test ads, web pages; orcompletely disregarding what their website or content on the page.Those main reasons explain why so many online campaigns fail.Even though proper management of an Adwords campaign can take up your time, persistence is key for Adwords success. Some of the ways we target Google Adwords management services is through:continuous review of keywords and structure;reviewing trends and any opportunity to extend the campaign into that area;split testing ads;split testing landing pages;using the experiments feature in Adwords to experiment increasing bids on particular keywords to see if ad positioning provides positive or negative effects;and etc.Depending how your website is structured, i.e. is it an ecommerce store or a standard website requires different strategies for management purposes. Typical marketers need to be skilled in all areas of web services including coding, design and etc in order to provide the true benefits of a proper Adwords management type service.If you are looking for an advisor to manage your Adwords campaign, feel free to click here to read more about our services. About A to Z MarketingWe are a boutique agency and one of our services that we offer is Adwords management services. We are able to create a campaign suitable for your marketing goals that will allow you to prosper on the internet.

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